Often, insulin-dependent diabetics have a veil before their eyes.

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This phenomenon causes severe discomfort to a person, so he cannot write and read normally.

Many patients mistake this casino online for diabetic retinopathy. But the veil before the eyes is the result of changes in the refraction of the lens. This consequence resolves on its own within a day from the start of treatment. Therefore, there is no need to interrupt therapy. Other complications of insulin therapy are swelling of the lower extremities. But such a manifestation, like vision problems, goes away on its own. Swelling of the legs occurs due to water and salt retention, which develops after insulin injections. However, over time, the body adapts to the treatment, so it stops accumulating fluid.

For similar reasons, at the initial stage of therapy, patients may periodically increase blood pressure. Also, against the background of insulin therapy, some diabetics gain weight. On average, patients recover by 3-5 kilograms. After all, hormonal treatment activates lipogenesis (the process of fat formation) and increases appetite. In this case, the patient needs to change the diet, in particular, its calorie content and frequency of meals.

In addition, the constant administration of insulin lowers the amount of potassium in the blood. You can solve this problem with a special diet. To this end, the daily menu of a diabetic should be replete with citrus fruits, berries (currants, strawberries), herbs (parsley) and vegetables (cabbage, radishes, onions).

Constant monitoring of blood glucose concentration, especially after meals. Comparison of indicators with atypical conditions (physical, emotional stress, sudden illness, etc.). timely correction of the dose of insulin, antidiabetic drugs and casino online.

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Test strips or a glucometer are used to measure glucose. Level determination using test strips is carried out as follows: a piece of online gambling is immersed in urine, and then they look at the test field, the color of which changes depending on the concentration of sugar. The most accurate results can be obtained using double field strips. However, a blood test is a more effective method for determining sugar levels.

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slots online, most diabetics use a glucometer. This device is used as follows: a drop of blood is applied to the indicator plate. Then, after a couple of seconds, the result appears on the digital display. But it should be borne in mind that glycemia for different devices can be different.

  • Also, in order for insulin therapy not to contribute to the development of complications, a diabetic must carefully monitor his own body weight.
  • You can find out if you are overweight by determining the Kegle index or body weight.
  • Side effects of insulin therapy are discussed in the video in this article.
  • Teaching the patient the rules of insulin therapy.
  • Insulin is distinguished between simple and prolonged action (prolonged). A special insulin syringe is used to administer insulin.
  • Divide the prescribed dose of insulin by the price of one division.

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play slots online reactions are manifested in a local form - an erythematous, slightly itchy and hot to the touch papule or a limited, moderately painful hardening at the injection site. To prevent further progression of both local and generalized allergic manifestations, in the overwhelming majority of cases, it is enough to replace the used insulin with another type (replace monocomponent pig insulin with human insulin) or replace insulin preparations from one company with similar preparations, but manufactured by another company.

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Casino online reactions, as mentioned above, are caused by the formation of antibodies both to insulin and to other components contained in insulin preparations. Currently, the number of allergic complications has significantly decreased and this is due to the withdrawal from clinical use of bovine insulins and their mixed forms with porcine insulin, as well as the use of only monocomponent preparations of human and porcine insulin.